KSI/RTI Pre-Kindergarten Resources for HB 69

Published: 9/9/2013 1:40 PM

​Intervention Resources for Preschool


​Web Based Resources 


Book Resources 

  • How Very Young Children Explore Writing by Marie M. Clay - A book for parents and early childhood teachers that explores the writing attempts of preschool children.
  • What Works, An Introductory Teacher Guide for Early Language and Emergent Literacy Instruction based on the National Early Literacy Panel Report (NELP, 2008) - This guide describes ways teachers can use the research effectively for early childhood instruction, assessment, choosing curriculum, and helping parents better support their young children’s language and literacy learning.
  • Challenging Behavior in Young Children; Understanding, Preventing and Responding Effectively by B. Kaiser and J.S. Rasminsky
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