KSI Model Sites

Published: 10/23/2015 4:25 PM
KDE is currently looking for model KSI/RtI sites. 

We have developed criteria that will be used to determine the sites that will be chosen for consideration. If you are interested in becoming a model site, contact April Pieper for additional information.

List of RTI Model Sites

View the criteria document here.

The criteria are:

  • School implementation team has been established and meets regularly to discuss student data, allocate/evaluate resources, establish/review decision-making rules, and evaluate/review master schedule.
  • All school staff has a proficient understanding of the system of interventions process and understands their place within the framework.
  • All student intervention plans are developed with all relevant stakeholders; including the student. The student goals are established and frequently reviewed. All necessary documentation is available for review.
  • Student interventions are established to meet individual student needs, student progress is monitored regularly, and data is shared with the necessary stakeholders.
  • Student movement between and among the tiers of intervention is flexible, based on data, and decided by a student intervention team.
  • There is evidence of fidelity to the intervention process.
  • Use a universal screener to indicate students that may need additional evaluation.
  • Use a diagnostic assessment to further assess students to identify specific areas of strength and weakness.
  • Have multiple forms of data that are used to make decisions that are specific to each student.
  • School staff collaborate on a regular base to ensure student goals are being addressed, to maintain consistency in instruction, etc.


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