Centers of Excellence and Quality

Published: 1/26/2015 12:40 PM


The Kentucky Department of Education, Division of Program Standards, proposes to identify at least one Early Childhood Center of Quality in each of the eleven Special Education Cooperative Regions in response to stakeholder recommendations for statewide services to deaf/hard of hearing and blind/visually impaired students.  The Early Childhood Centers that achieve this distinction will serve as models of practice for other districts in the region through on-site consultation, mentoring and presentations at state, regional and national conferences.  The application process is designed to assure that:

1) Only eligible programs formally begin the application process; and,
2) District leaders understand what is involved in seeking and achieving Early Childhood Center of Quality status.
 It is important to note that the Center of Quality designation will be the first step in attaining identification as an Early Childhood Center of Excellence.  Early Childhood Centers that are identified as Centers of Quality or Excellence will be required to submit annual reports during the 5 year period to maintain their designation.
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