Preschool Program Review (P2R) Process

Published: 10/15/2013 1:33 PM


The intent of the Kentucky Preschool Program Review (P2R) is to create an oversight system leading to improved teaching and learning environments in Kentucky’s Preschool Program.

The Preschool Program Review (P2R) document must be completed by districts during their respective cohort year (1 to 5).  The P2R document is accessed through KDE’s Web-based system.  Each district preschool coordinator will receive training and guidance prior to accessing the system in their cohort year.

The Preschool Program Review (P2R) P2R Cohort List revised.8-30-13.xlsP2R Cohort List revised.8-30-13.xls shows the districts according to their Regional Training Center (RTC).  In each of the 5 cohort years the districts are listed according the number of preschool classrooms, the number of sites that have preschools, and the number of visits that each RTCs will make (a minimum of 30% in the district, minimum one per site) to perform the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale - Revised (ECERS-R).


KDE is recruiting site visit team members for the Preschool Program Review.  If you are interested, please fill out the P2R Site Visit Team Member Applic.9-12-13.docP2R Site Visit Team Member Applic.9-12-13.doc and send it to the KDE mailbox at


This P2R An Introduction- w-ECERS 5-16-12.pptP2R An Introduction- w-ECERS 5-16-12.pptis an introduction to the P2R process.


​The Kentucky Preschool regulations state that worksheets or "dittos" are not developmentally appropriate.

The Preschool Program Review Guidance Manual is designed to help school districts prepare for the P2R process.   The manual provides information about desk reviews, site visits, ECERS, consolidated monitoring and timelines. 
This consolidated monitoring guidance clarifies district responsibilities when a district is scheduled for consolidated monitoring and preschool program review (P2R) in consecutive years.

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