Published: 10/1/2015 11:28 AM

On this page you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Read to Achieve Grant Program.


What is the intent of the grant regarding the use of state funds?
RTA is principally a salary grant. The primary intent of the grant is for the funds to be used to pay the salary of a highly qualified (certified) reading intervention teacher.  For further RTA information, please see Grant Compliance
I am new to RTA, where do I go to find information and understand my role in RTA?
There are many resources on the RTA web pages for those new to RTA.  There is a page set up with information dedicated to those that are new.  View the RTA Resources webpage.
How and when do I need to submit a budget amendment?
Budget amendments are needed when a new series of MUNIS codes need to be opened.  For further instructions on the procedures to follow to submit an amendment, please consult the Amendment Guidelines for District Plans.  If a series of codes is already open, then the school has access to move funds among allowable MUNIS codes based on the RTA allowable expenditures matrix. This matrix was last updated June 2009. 
Can RTA funds be used to cover the cost (e.g., fees, travel, lodging) for conferences/ trainings attended by school staff other than the RTA intervention teacher and the data coordinator?
RTA funds should only be used for travel to cover the cost of KDE required trainings and conferences. Additionally, funds can be use to cover the cost of trainings that support the implementation of the program and for maintaining the highly-qualified standing of the RTA-funded intervention teacher ONLY.
What kinds of materials/supplies may be purchased with RTA funds?
RTA funds may only be used to purchase instructional materials for students identified as eligible for services (stanines 1, 2, or 3) on the state-selected assessment and per grant criteria.  All expenditures must be directly related to the implementation of the RTA intervention program and must support the research behind best practices in intensive intervention (ex. Tier 3 in RTI). Purchases for entire grade levels or classes are not permissible. All funds should be expended by the end of the current school year (June 30) for which they were awarded. For information, that is more detailed, consult the allowable funding matrix.
When should intervention services begin?
It is the intent of the RTA grant that intervention services begin no later than the second week of school.  
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