Published: 8/6/2015 3:44 PM

​When RTA classes begin in the fall of 2014, RTA teachers must record daily attendance for the students they serve. This data will be collected at the end of the year. If a student moves, successfully exits intervention, qualifies for special education services, moves to a different intervention teacher or is absent from intervention, indicate that on the attendance sheet. A sample attendance sheet is posted on our RTA Web page with additional information provided.

All RTA students must be entered on the Intervention Tab in Infinite Campus  by October 30, and new students must be entered as they enroll in the program. Student information on the Intervention Tab must be current and complete when school dismisses in the spring. Attendance must be submitted to KDE before school dismisses in the spring. A sample attendance sheet is available.
  • I-first day attending intervention,
  • No Mark or Check Mark -attended intervention
  • A-absent (mark A even if the child is at school but does not attend intervention that day)
  • X-School not in session
  • E-successfully exited intervention
  • M-student moved
  • C-changed intervention (student is still receiving intervention, but from a non-RTA teacher)
  • S-qualifies for special education services and no longer receives RTA intervention

Sample Attendance Sheet


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