Community Eligibility Provision

Published: 9/16/2015 11:39 AM

FRAM Coordinators who manage the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) program for their school districts.​


CEP Edit Check Worksheet

CEP Calculator

CEP Breakfast Meal Count Roster     Alternate Meal Counting and Claiming Requirements

CEP Eligibility Criteria and Pre-Implementation Steps

CEP Intent to Participate Form for Public Schools

CEP Intent to Participate for Private Schools

CEP Timeline of Events

Media Release - CEP

Letter to the Household - CEP

Link to FNS CEP site

April DC Data

FRAC CEP Board Presentation


Training and Recorded Webinars

Intro to CEP Recording

Intro to CEP PowerPoint

August 2014 CEP Update


Policy Updates

Frequently Asked Questions - SP 21-2014

Guidance and Updated Q&As-SP 16-2015


State Implementation of the Community Eligibility Provision

Adventures in Community Eligibility - Kentucky's Experience

CEP Participants for SY 2015-2016


Title 1 and CEP:  Guidance from the US Department of Education

Click here for the KDE Title 1 website, which provides guidance from the US Dept of Education on CEP and Title 1.  All questions regarding Title 1 and CEP should be directed to your district's KDE Title 1 consultant.


 Annual Notification Requirement (SP 32-2014)



Provision 2


 FNS Link-Provision 2





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