Guidance and Resources

Published: 3/16/2017 11:59 AM

Guidance and Resources provide food service directors specific program information from a variety of sources including School and Community Nutrition and USDA.  


Recording Keeping

Smarter Lunchrooms

Meal Pattern & Meal Quality

Smart Snacks

Whole Grain Resources

Special Dietary Needs

Infants and Toddlers

Food Safety & Disaster Planning

Direct Certification

Meal Counting and Claiming

Financial Management Resources

The management of finances of the non-profit school food service account is important to running a successful child nutrition program.  Utilize the following resources to gain a better understanding of financial management for school food service.

Civil Rights

NSLP Regulations

State Policies & KY Regulations

Outside Resources

Helpful Links

  • KDE SCN Weekly Update Archive - To streamline communications from School and Community Nutrition, one weekly email is sent that combines several items into one communication.
  • Institute of Child Nutrition -  The Institute is funded by USDA and is a free resource to all with great trainings.
  • Healthier US Schools -  Voluntary certification that recognizes schools that have created a healther school environment.


USDA ​Nondiscrimination Statement

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