Health Inspections - Resources

Published: 3/17/2016 1:48 PM

This web page provides resources for health departments to use when performing health inspections of SFSP sites.​​​​​​​

Site Inspection Sites

SFSP Site List - Address and contact information for all currently approved sites.  (updated 08/18/2015)
County CAP Report​ - Current CAP of site inspections for each county. 
Site Selection Guidance and information
  • The SFSP Site List will be updated at a minimum of weekly through the summer as SFSP sites are continually being approved.
  • The CAP may increase, but will not decrease.   
  • Per the USDA, only sites that have not had a health inspection in the prior 9 months may have a health inspection (HI) performed for SFSP. Health departments (HD) are responsible for checking that information prior to a review.
  • Site information is reported by the sponsor and has not been verified for accuracy. Site contact information is available for directions if necessary and to verify the site is open.
  • The health department may use their discretion on which sites to review, excluding school sites that should be excluded, and the meal services to review, but the following type of sites are preferred to be reviewed due to the higher potential of food safety issues (in priority order): parks, mobile sites, apartment complexes, parking lots and churches. Inspections of schools will not be reimbursed. 
  • The counties permitted to invoice for these inspections as listed in the county CAP report have signed contracts in place with KDE.


Invoice Template - Invoices should be submitted on a monthly basis. Click here for an example.
Inspection Form - Original Inspection Forms must accompany invoices.



Reporting Sites to Local Health Departments

                                   Division of School and Community Nutrition

                                   Attention:  SFSP Section

                                   500 Mero Street, CPT 23rd Floor

                                   Frankfort, KY 40601





Mike Sullivan
Office of Administration and Support
Division of School and Community Nutrition
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Frankfort, KY 40601
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