Level One Certification Course

Published: 10/6/2014 8:16 AM

Level One Certification


Welcome to the Division of School and Community Nutrition’s Level One Certification Course.  This course is designed to educate and inform food service staff regarding the rules and regulations as they work in the National School Lunch Program.   
Per KRS 156.160 all beginning Kentucky school nutrition employees must complete the following training.  All current Kentucky school nutrition employees must renew their certificate annually. 

Participant Manual


This is the course manual.  It contains all information as well as activity and assessment information.

Instructor Manual

This manual includes information for certification, record keeping, and evaluation. 



Instructions for these forms will be found in the Instructor Manual.

Course Presentations


Area One:  School Food Service Rules and Administrative Regulations

Area Two:  Sanitation, Safety and First Aid, Equipment Use and Care                             
  1. HACCP in School Food Service
  2. Foodborne Illness:  Awareness and Prevention
  3. Food Safety 101:  Personal Hygiene
  4. Food Safety 101:  Cleaning, Sanitation and Equipment Use and Care
  5. Safety and First Aid Prezi Presentation


Area Three:  Food Preparation and Merchandising 
  1. Meal Patterns:  Breakfast Meal Pattern Recording  (PowerPoint presented in the recording)
  2. Meal Patterns:  Lunch Meal Pattern Recording   (PowerPoint presented in the recording)
  3. Recognizing a Reimbursable Meal
  4. Production Record
  5. Understanding Job Descriptions and Work Schedules
  6. Standardized Recipes


Area Four:  Efficient Use of Resources  

  1. Inventory Management - Controlling Cost Online Course - National Food Service Manangement Institute 
  2. Inventory Records (optional presentation)      
Area Five:  Nutrition Education 
  1. Nutrition Education                        

Assessment Materials  

All assessement materials are provided directly to certified trainers                           

Annual Recertification Training Materials




Each year, current food service staff is required to complete a minimum of four hours of in-service training.  Below are suggested trainings to satisfy this completion.




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Training Best Practices 




Training Tips