Program Operations

Published: 5/26/2015 3:37 PM

Accommodating Children Special Dietary Needs

ASSP Snack Count Tally for Area Eligible Programs

After School Snack Program Program Review Form

Afterschool Snack Program Weekly Count Form - Income Eligible

Snack Menu and Production Record

August 2013 Eligibility Manual for School Meals

Biosecurity Checklist

Breakfast Production Record - Black and White Workbook

Civil Rights

CNIPS Financial Reporting for NSLP

Creating a Hazard Analysis Based on HACCP Principles

Examples of Restrictive Procurement

First Choice Procurement Manual for School Foodservice

FNS Instruction 113-1 Civil Rights Compliance and Enforcement

Free and Reduced Meal Application with Instructions

Healthier US

Income Eligible Afterschool Snack Menu and Production Record

Individual Determination Form for RCCIs

Letter to Households - Announcement Letter

Letter to Households - Approval or Denial of Benefits

Letter to Households - Notice of Direct Certification

Lunch Production Record - Black and White Workbook

Local School Wellness Policy Comparison Chart

Measuring Success with Standardized Recipes

Onsite Monitor Review Form

Permission to Share Eligibility Determination with Medicaid

Permission to Share Eligibility Determination with Other Programs

Procurement Training Exercise

Production Records for CN Programs

Record of Community-Parent-Student Involvement

School Lunch Procurement and Geographic Preference

Specification Worksheet

Template for Developing a School Food Safety Program

Writing SOP's for a Food Safety Program Based on HACCP Principles



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