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Published: 4/2/2014 1:17 PM
School Breakfast Program
The School Breakfast program provides nutritious meals to Kentucky students. Whether it is breakfast in the cafeteria, breakfast in the classroom, or grab and go, school breakfast is an important start in every student’s day. Schools that participate in the School Breakfast Program receive funding assistance similar to the National School Lunch Program. Schools providing the School Breakfast Program must meet specific “meal pattern” requirements to ensure all meals are nutritionally sound.
Take the Kentucky School Breakfast Challenge!
The Kentucky Board of Education and Commissioner Holliday recently passed a Resolution to support the School Breakfast Program here in Kentucky. 
The goal of the Kentucky School Breakfast Challenge is to increase school breakfast participation across the state.  SCN, the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association (SUDIA) and Action for Healthy Kids are working together to assist schools in coming up with new and innovative ways to implement the School Breakfast Program. 
How the Challenge Works
Step 1:  Sign the Kentucky Breakfast Resolution.  Sign the attached resolution committing your school to placing emphasis on the importance of the School Breakfast Program and increasing participation in the school breakfast program.  This officially enrolls the school in the Kentucky School Breakfast Challenge.  Enrollment for the Kentucky School Breakfast Challenge will be open March 1, 2014 through August 1, 2014.
Click the following link to sign up for the challenge
Step 2:  Strengthen Your School Breakfast Program.   Evaluate and energize your school breakfast program.  SCN has several resources provided on this home page for use.  Also, several grants are available for schools that are interested.
Step 3:  It’s Challenge Time.  During the month of September of 2014, encourage everyone in your school to participate in the School Breakfast Program.  The Kentucky School Breakfast Challenge will measure Average Daily Participation in the school breakfast program from the month of September 2014 and compare that to September 2013.  Schools with the largest increase in each category (6 total) will win a cash prize.  All prize money will be distributed through SUDIA. 
First place:  $1,500; Second place:  $1000; Third place:  $500
          Schools that do not participate in any Special                     Schools that do participate in Special Provisions in              Provisions in SY 14-15                                                                   SY 14-15(CEP, Provision 2)
Elementary schools (K-5)                                                         Elementary schools (K-5)
Middle Schools (6-8)                                                                 Middle Schools (6-8)
High Schools (9-12)                                                                   High Schools (9-12)
The term Special Provision refers to any school that participates in a USDA special provision meal pricing program, for example, the Community Eligibility Provision or Provision 2. 
Step 4:  Share Your Success.  Category winners will be asked to share their best practices with SCN.  SCN will publish best practices so that all school districts in Kentucky will be able to learn from the success of others!
National School Breakfast Week, March 3-7
SCN promotes and supports National School Breakfast Week
School Breakfast SCN Resources
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-        Monsters 30 seconds
-        Monsters Medium
-        Monsters Full
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