2011-2012 Consolidated Monitoring Process

Published: 10/22/2015 4:12 PM

​​​A group of fourteen districts were identified using the District Identificaiton Flowchart developed by the Office of Next Generation Schools and Districts.

Monitoring visits were coordinated between the programs. Each visit lasted a maximum of three days depending on individual program requirements. The resulting reports can be found in the sortable database below. Due to state and federal requirements, some programs are not able to participate in this process.  
District and monitoring documentation are listed below.
Breckinridge CoIDEAData VerificationBreck-IDV
Breckinridge CoIDEASummaryBreck-IS
Breckinridge CoPreschoolFinalBreck-PF
Breckinridge CoPreschoolPreliminaryBreck-PP
Breckinridge CoPreschoolSummaryBreck-PS
Breckinridge CoTitle I, Part AActions NeededBreck-TIA
Breckinridge CoTitle I, Part AActions Needed CompletedBreck-TIC
Breckinridge CoTitle II, Part AActions NeededBreck-TIIA
Breckinridge CoTitle II, Part ASummaryBreck-TIIS
Breckinridge CoTitle I, Part ASummaryBreck-TIS
Bullitt CoIDEAData VerificationBullitt-IDV
Bullitt CoIDEASummaryBullitt-IS
Bullitt CoPreschoolFinalBullitt-PF
Bullitt CoPreschoolPreliminaryBullitt-PP
Bullitt CoPreschoolSummaryBullitt-PS
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