2013-2014 Consolidated Monitoring Process

Published: 9/10/2015 1:56 PM

​A group of fourteen districts (listed below) was identified using a flowchart developed by the Statewide Consolidated Monitoring Workgroup.
Monitoring visits were coordinated between the programs with each visit lasting a maximum of three days. The resulting reports are posted in a sortable database on this page.
Detailed information regarding all education programs within the state of Kentucky may be found here on the Department of Education website www.education.ky.gov.
Due to state and federal requirements, some programs are not able to participate in this process.

Questions regarding specific program monitoring requirements should be directed toward the individual programs.

Adair CoConsolidated13-14 Adair Co SCM
Ashland IndConsolidated13-14 Ashland Ind SCM
Berea IndConsolidated13-14 Berea Ind SCM
Crittenden CoConsolidated13-14 Crittenden Co SCM
Cumberland CoConsolidated13-14 Cumberland Co SCM
East Bernstadt IndConsolidated13-14 East Bernstadt Ind SCM
Elizabethtown IndConsolidated13-14 Elizabethtown Ind SCM
Elliott CoConsolidated13-14 Elliott Co SCM
Frankfort IndConsolidated13-14 Frankfort Ind SCM
Franklin CoConsolidated13-14 Franklin Co SCM
Paducah IndConsolidated13-14 Paducah Ind Ind SCM
Russellville IndConsolidated13-14 Russellville Ind SCM
Shelby CoConsolidated13-14 Shelby Co SCM
Taylor CoConsolidated13-14 Taylor Co SCM
Adair CoAlternatives2-week Follow-up13-14 Adair Co-Alt_Initial
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