SIG Cohort 3 (2014-2017)

Published: 6/13/2016 8:55 AM

​This page contains information relative to School Improvement Grant funds for federal tier schools identified as Cohort 3.
The documents on this page are in a format that will allow you to sort through to find specific information by district, school and type of application request.

Dayton IndPriority-Dayton HS6/15/2014OriginalApproved14-06-15 Priority-Dayton HS
Dayton IndPriority-Dayton MS6/15/2014OriginalApproved14-06-15 Priority-Dayton MS
Fayette CoPriority-Bryan Station HS6/15/2014OriginalApproved14-06-15 Priority-Bryan Station HS
Fleming CoPriority-Fleming Co HS6/15/2014OriginalApproved14-06-15 Priority-Fleming Co HS
Hopkins CoPriority-Hopkins Co Central HS6/15/2014OriginalApproved14-06-15 Priority-Hopkins Co Central HS
Jefferson CoPriority-Frederick Law Olmstead Academy North6/15/2014OriginalApproved14-06-15 Priority-Frederick Law Olmstead Academy North
Jefferson CoPriority-Meyers MS6/15/2014OriginalApproved14-06-15 Priority-Myers MS
Jefferson CoPriority-Stuart MS6/15/2014OriginalApproved14-06-15 Priority-Stuart MS
Jefferson CoPriority-Thomas Jefferson MS6/15/2014OriginalApproved14-06-15 Priority-Thomas Jefferson MS
Jefferson CoPriority-Westport MS6/15/2014OriginalApproved14-06-15 Priority-Westport MS
Knox CoPriority-Knox Central HS6/15/2014OriginalApproved14-06-15 Priority-Knox Central HS
Lee CoPriority-Lee Co MS6/15/2014OriginalApproved14-06-15 Priority-Lee Co HS
Lincoln CoPriority-Lincoln Co HS6/15/2014OriginalApproved14-06-15 Priority-Lincoln Co HS
Livingston CoPriority-Livingston Central HS6/15/2014OriginalApproved14-06-15 Priority-Livingston Central HS
Livingston CoPriority-Livingston Central HS8/4/2014AmendmentApproved14-08-04 Priority-Livingston Central HS
Perry CoPriority-Perry Co Central HS6/15/2014OriginalApproved14-06-15 Priority-Perry Co Central HS
Pulaski CoPriority-Pulaski Co HS6/15/2014OriginalApproved14-06-15 Priority-Pulaski Co HS
Simpson CoPriority-Franklin-Simpson HS6/15/2014OriginalApproved14-06-15 Priority-Franklin-Simpson HS
Trimble CoPriority-Trimble Co HS6/15/2014OriginalApproved14-06-15 Priority-Trimble Co HS
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