Co-Teaching For Gap Closure (CT4GC)

Published: 4/14/2014 1:11 PM


​Co-Teaching for GAP Closure (CT4GC) is utilized to provide professional learning to districts/schools through a systematic process based on effective implementation practices, effective adult learning strategies, evaluation of the delivery, evaluation of on-going implementation and improvement cycle analysis to promote sustainability. The outcomes of this work are focused on increasing student engagement, student achievement and supporting teacher's ability to implement with fidelity to ultimately close achievement gaps across the Commonwealth for ALL gap groups.

Objectives of Co-Teaching for GAP Closure (CT4GC)
To increase...
  • Student engagement
  • Student achievement
  • Teacher's ability to implement with fidelity
To implement 4 Strategic Components
  • Continuous classroom improvement (CCI)
  • Co-Teaching
  • Evidence-based instructional strategies focused on reading/language arts and math
  • Student supports
The 30-60-90 Day Placemat is designed for use as a pacing guide in your work with CT4GC implementation for the first 90 days of school for Cohort 2. For Cohort 1, it can be also used as an implementation check to determine where you are in the work. This document contains guiding questions and activities that will help your team to stay on target, ensure fidelity of implementation, and allow for reflection to promote growth in systems change for closing achievement gaps.
* This is a fluid document that will be refined based upon needs of schools as well as feedback. However, the timeline for assignments will remain consistent.

CT4GC Participating Schools/Districts Map
(revised April 2014)
click here to view or print larger map
CT4GC Cohort 3 Kick-Off Training will take place in January 2014!! There are currently 39 participating schools and 3 districts implementing district-wide.
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