Professional Learning for Gap Closure

Published: 12/7/2015 3:44 PM

The purpose of this strategy is to identify professional learning and the delivery of the professional learning that would assist schools in closing achievement gaps in three areas: Transformative Professional Development Process, Co-Teaching for Gap Closure, and College/Career Student review.  KDE is working collaboratively with Special Education Cooperatives and universities to work within Priority and Focus schools as a 3-year commitment of professional learning.

This strategy continues to grow. As we expand to address each component, we will place a link to find more information.

Co Teaching for Gap Closure (CT4GC)
Co-Teaching for GAP Closure (CT4GC) is utilized to provide professional learning to districts/schools through a systematic process based on effective implementation practices, effective adult learning strategies, evaluation of the delivery, evaluation of on-going implementation and improvement cycle analysis to promote sustainability.

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