Educational Recovery Kickoff and Training 2012

Published: 9/28/2012 11:14 AM

​The purpose of the Educational Recovery Kickoff and Training 2012 was to provide information and training on effective use of data, tools, and practices that will support Educational Recovery staff to assist their priority schools in meeting their goals of graduating students’ college and career ready. 

Tuesday, July 31st DATA DAY
Educational Recovery Kickoff Leading by Example Presentation, presentation by Toyah Robey and Kate Akers
Wednesday, August 1st Presentations

Standards Based Grading, presentation by Dr. Thomas Guskey

School-wide and Classroom Management, presentation by Toyah Robey

The ER Toolkit, presentation by Ronda Dunn:

Using Digital Learning to Increase Student Achievement, presentation by Tresine Logsdon:

Understanding Change Complexity and Redefining Staff Resistance, presentation by Toyah Robey

Effective Use of Formative Assessment, presentation by Mary Rudd

Thursday, August 2nd Presentations

Kentucky Cognitive Literacy Model, presentation by Pam Wininger
Friday, August 3rd Sessions
Assuring Alignment and Rigor: Math Specialist, presentation by Rhonda Niemi
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