Redefining Assessments

Published: 5/5/2014 10:10 AM
Redefining Assessments
Assessment literacy has been a focus of Kentucky’s Leadership Networks since their inception with a focus on formative as well as summative assessment practices.  Having data about student progress in meeting the expectations of the Kentucky Core Academic Standards (KCAS) helps teachers in making instructional decisions for and with their students.  It is also integral to continuous improvement and the Teacher Professional Growth and Effectiveness System.
Within a local system of assessments, districts and schools should consider the purposes and types of assessment to meet their needs.  The Kentucky Department of Education, working with teacher-led teams, is developing resources to support districts and schools in this process. As resources are developed, the webpage will be updated.
Purpose Statement:  Performance-based assessments inform the instruction of skills not measured by other formats, making these critical abilities central to the experiences of students working towards life-readiness.
The team is developing professional learning modules, which can be accessed, adapted and used locally in Professional Learning Communities. Each module will contain a PPT, facilitator’s guide and materials/handouts.
Module 1—the “Why” of Redefining a System of Assessments, including Performance-based assessments
Module 2—the “What” of PBA
Module 3—the “How” of PBA
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