Module 1 - Introduction to Framework for Teaching

Published: 3/7/2014 9:25 AM


​The Kentucky Department of Education is in the process of redesigning teacher evaluation into a Professional Growth and Effectiveness System that includes proposed multiple measures of teacher effectiveness. These proposed measures include observation, peer observation, student growth, reflective practice, professional growth and student voice.

​All priority schools should participate in modules throughout the year that will prepare them for the scaling up of the statewide PGES pilot.  These modules will be delivered at the school level by the principal and ER staff and align with many of the multiple measures of the PGES system.  Schools will identify the best time and method for delivering the modules to their staff (PD days, staff meetings, PLC meetings, etc.) Principals will begin the online tutorial process to become proficient at understanding the Framework for Teaching, ultimately leading to their certification to use the Framework for Teaching to observe teacher practice.

Soft Rollout

Kentucky Adapted Danielson 2011 Framework, February 2014

Priority School PGES Training (PowerPoint), February 2014

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