Standard 1 Academic Performance Curriculum

Published: 10/16/2012 1:27 PM

The school develops and implements a curriculum that is rigorous, intentional, and aligned to state and local standards.

Performance Expectation:
Recognize and encourage implementation of good instructional practices that motivate and increase student achievement.
Indicators for this Standard:
1.1a - Aligned with academic expectations, core content, program of studies
There is evidence that the curriculum is aligned with Academic Expectations, Core Content for Assessment, Transformations, and the Program of Studies.  
1.1b - Discussions among schools regarding curriculum standards
The district initiates and facilitates discussions among schools regarding curriculum standards to ensure they are clearly articulated across all levels (P-12).
1.1c - Discussions among schools to eliminate overlaps, close gaps
The district initiates and facilitates discussions between schools in the district in order to eliminate unnecessary overlaps and close gaps.
1.1d - Vertical communication with focus on key transition points
There is evidence of vertical communication with an intentional focus on key curriculum transition points within grade configurations (e.g., from primary to middle and middle to high).
1.1e - Links to continuing education, life and career options
The school curriculum provides specific links to continuing education, life, and career options.
1.1f - Process to monitor, evaluate and review curriculum
There is in place a systematic process for monitoring, evaluating, and reviewing the curriculum.
1.1g - Common academic core for all students
The curriculum provides access to a common academic core for all students. 
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