Standard 3 - Academic Performance - Instruction

Published: 10/16/2012 1:29 PM

The school's instructional program actively engages all students by using effective, varied, and research-based practices to improve student academic performance.

Performance Expectation:
The school leader recognizes and encourages implementation of instructional practices that best motivate and increase student achievement.
Indicators for this Standard:
3.1a - There is evidence that effective and varied instructional strategies are used in all classrooms
3.1b - Instructional strategies and learning activities are aligned with the district, school, and state learning goals and assessment expectations for student learning
3.1c - Instructional strategies and activities are consistently monitored and aligned with the changing needs of a diverse student population to ensure various learning approaches and learning styles are addressed
3.1d - Teachers demonstrate the content knowledge necessary to challenge and motivate students to high levels of learning
3.1e - There is evidence that teachers incorporate the use of technology in their classroom
3.1f - Instructional resources are sufficient to effectively deliver the curriculum
3.1g - Teachers examine and discuss student work collaboratively and use this information to inform their practice
3.1h - There is evidence that homework is frequent and monitored and tied to instructional practice
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