Standard 4 Learning Environment School Culture

Published: 10/16/2012 1:30 PM

The school/district functions as an effective learning community and supports a climate conducive to performance excellence.

Performance Expectation:
The school leader sets high expectations for all students to learn higher-level content.
Indicators for this Standard:
4.1a - There is leadership support for a safe, orderly, and equitable learning environment (e.g., culture audits/school opinion surveys)
4.1b - Leadership creates experiences that foster the belief that all children can learn at high levels in order to motivate staff to produce continuous improvement in student learning
4.1c - Teachers hold high expectations for all students academically and behaviorally, and this is evidenced in their practice
4.1d - Teachers and non-teaching staff are involved in both formal and informal decision-making processes regarding teaching and learning
4.1e - Teachers recognize and accept their professional role in student success and failure
4.1f - The school intentionally assigns staff to maximize opportunities for all students to have access to the staff's instructional strengths
4.1g - Teachers communicate regularly with families about individual students' progress (e.g., engage through conversation)
4.1h - There is evidence that the teachers and staff care about students and inspire their best efforts
4.1i - Multiple communication strategies and contexts are used for the dissemination of information to all stakeholders
4.1j - There is evidence that student achievement is highly valued and publicly celebrated (e.g., displays of student work, assemblies)
4.1k - This school/district provides support for the physical, cultural, socio-economic, and intellectual needs of all students, which reflect a commitment to equity and an appreciation of diversity
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