Standard 5 Learning Environment Student, Family and Community Support

Published: 10/16/2012 1:31 PM

The school/district works with families and community groups to remove barriers to learning in an effort to meet the intellectual, social, career and developmental needs of students.

Performance Expectations:
The school leader sets high expectations for all students to learn at higher-level content.
The school leader keeps everyone informed and focused on student achievement.
The school leader makes parents partners in their student's education and creates a structure for parent and educator collaboration.
Indicators for this Standard:
5.1a - Families and the communities are active partners in the educational process and work together with the school/district staff to promote programs and services for all students.
5.1b - Structures are in place to ensure that all students have access to all the curriculum (e.g., school guidance, FRYSC's, ESS).
5.1c - The school/district provides organizational structures and supports instructional practices to reduce barriers to learning.
5.1d - Students are provided with a variety of opportunities to receive additional assistance to support their learning, beyond the initial classroom instruction.
5.1e - The school maintains an accurate student record system that provides timely information pertinent to the student's academic and educational development.
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