Standard 7 Efficiency Leadership

Published: 10/16/2012 9:51 AM

School/district instructional decisions focus on support for teaching and learning, organizational direction, high performance expectations, creating a learning culture, developing leadership capacity.

Performance Expectation:
The school leader creates both a focused mission to improve student achievement and a vision of the elements of school, curriculum, assessment, and instructional practices that make higher achievement possible.
Indicators for this Standard:
7.1a - Leadership has developed and sustained a shared vision
7.1b - Leadership decisions are focused on student academic performance and are data-driven and collaborative
7.1c - There is evidence that all administrators have a growth plan focused on the development of effective leadership skills
7.1d - There is evidence that the school/district leadership team disaggregates data for use in meeting the needs of a diverse population, communicates the information to school staff and incorporates the data systematically into the school's plan
7.1e - Leadership ensures all instructional staff has access to curriculum related materials and the training necessary to use curricular and data resources relating to the learning goals for Kentucky public schools
7.1f - Leadership maximizes time effectiveness
Leadership ensures that time is protected and allocated to focus on curricular and instructional issues
7.1g - Leadership plans and allocates resources, monitors progress, provides organizational infrastructure and removes barriers in order to sustain continuous school improvement
7.1h - Leadership ensures safe and effective learning
The school/district leadership provides the organizational policy and resource infrastructure necessary for the implementation and maintenance of a safe and effective learning environment
7.1i - Leadership ensures necessary SBDM policies
Leadership provides a process for the development and the implementation of council policy based on anticipated needs
7.1j - There is evidence that the SBDM council has an intentional focus on student academic performance
7.1k - There is evidence that the principal demonstrates leadership skills in the areas of academic performance, learning environment and efficiency
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