Standard 8 Efficiency Organizational Structure and Resources

Published: 10/16/2012 10:18 AM

The school is organized to maximize use of all available resources to support high student and staff performance.

Performance Expectations:
The school leader acquires and uses resources wisely for the purpose of student achievement.
The school leader uses and organizes time in innovative ways to meet the goals and objectives of school improvement.
Indicators for this Standard:

8.1a - There is evidence that the school is organized to maximize use of all available resources to support high student and staff performance

8.1b - The master schedule reflects all students have access to all of the curriculum

8.1c - The instructional and non-instructional staff are allocated and organized based upon the learning needs of all students
8.1d - There is evidence that the staff makes efficient use of instructional time to maximize student learning
8.1e - Staff promotes team planning vertically and horizontally across content areas and grade configurations that is focused on the goals, objectives, and strategies in the improvement plan (e.g., common planning time for content area teachers, emphasis on learning time and not seat time, and integrated units)
8.1f - The schedule is intentionally aligned with the school's mission and designed to ensure that all staff provide quality instructional time (e.g., flex time, organization based on developmental needs of students, interdisciplinary units)
8.2a - The school/district provides a clearly defined process (in accordance with the school allocation formula) to provide equitable and consistent use of fiscal resources
8.2b - The school/district budget reflects decisions made about discretionary funds and resources are directed by an assessment of need or a required plan, all of which consider appropriate data
8.2c - School council and school board analyze funding and other resource requests to ensure the requests are tied to the school's plan and identified priority needs.
8.2d - State and Federal Program Resources are allocated and integrated (Safe Schools, Title I, IDEA, FRYSC's, ESS) to address student needs identified by the school/district 




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