Standard 9 Efficiency Comprehensive and Effective Planning

Published: 10/16/2012 11:14 AM

The school/district develops, implements, and evaluates a comprehensive school improvement plan that communicates a clear purpose, direction, and action plan focused on teaching and learning.

Performance Expectations:
The school leader uses data to initiate and continue improvement in school and classroom practices and student achievement.

Indicators for this Standard:
9.1a - Collaborative process
There is evidence that a collaborative process was used to develop this vision, beliefs, mission, and goals that engaged the school community as a community of learners
9.2a - There is evidence the school/district planning process involves collecting, managing, and analyzing data
9.2b - The school/district uses data for school improvement planning
9.3a - School and district plans reflect learning research and current local, state, and national expectations for student learning and are reviewed by the planning team
9.3b - The school/district analyzes their students' unique learning needs
9.3c - The desired results for student learning are defined
9.4a - Perceived strengths and limitations of the school/district instructional and organizational effectiveness are identified using the collected data
9.4b - The school/district goals for building and strengthening the capacity of the school/district instructional and organizational effectiveness are defined
9.5a - The action steps for school improvement are aligned with the school improvement goals and objectives
9.5b - The plan identifies the resources, timelines, and persons responsible for carrying out each activity
9.5c - The means for evaluating the effectiveness of the improvement plan are established
9.5d -  The improvement plan is aligned with the school's profile, beliefs, mission, desired results for student learning and analysis of instructional and organizational and effectiveness
9.6a - The plan is implemented as developed
9.6b -The school evaluates the degree to which it achieves the goals and objectives for student learning set by the plan
9.6c - The school evaluates the degree to which it achieves the expected impact on classroom practice and student performance specified in the plan
9.6d - There is evidence of attempts to sustain the commitment to continuous improvement
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