Data Collection Reporting for Immigrant and LEP and Monitoring Exited English Learners

Published: 4/1/2016 3:00 PM

​This page contains information related to the Immigrant and LEP(EL) data collection, reporting and Monitoring.  Included on this page are data standards documents, training recorded sessions, PowerPoint Presentations, reporting instructions and monitoring forms.

​Title III Data Collection and Reporting
for Immigrant and LEP

 Immigrant and EL Data Verification Timeline: 

  • May 1st- District Data Verification begins
  • May 31st - District Data Verification ends
  • June 1st - KDE extracts Immigrant and EL (LEP) data from Infinite Campus State Edition
    • Typically this date is the 1st unless the 1st falls on a weekend.
  • IC Data Immigrant and LEP Standards

LEP District Extract Presentation


Infinite Campus LEP District Point of Contacts

Monitoring Former English Learners

Designated instructional staff, such as English Learners (ELs) staff or a guidance counselor, must formally monitor the RFEP student’s academic performance regularly.  The information must be documented in the student’s records.  If monitoring shows that the student is struggling in academic performance and/or English language skills, appropriate assistance and language instruction services must be made available to the student.

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