English Learners (EL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

Published: 10/24/2016 2:21 PM

English Learners (ELs) are those students in Kentucky schools whose primary language is other than English. English Learners enter Kentucky schools with a variety of language backgrounds, educational experiences and levels of English proficiency.

Title III of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 is part of legislation enacted to ensure that English Learners , including immigrant children and youth, develop English proficiency and meet the same academic content and academic achievement standards that other children are expected to meet. The information contained on this website is based on the federal and state regulations and
Office of Civil Rights program requirements for the education of English Learners and immigrant children and youth. The Kentucky Title III Program  provides support to districts as they work with their English Learners and Immigrant students to:
  • Choose an educational approach
  • Identify and assess the students
  • Provide a research-based program of services
  • Provide staffing and resources
  • Implement state criteria for transitioning students from services
  • Maintain accurate data and reporting in order to:
    • Monitor transitioned students
    • Periodically evaluate and revise their program
    • Receive funding allocations

  • Assessment Information and Regulations - English Learners

    State regulations address issues related to the assessment of English language proficiency, the determination of participation in state-required assessments, and the determination of the need for accommodations or modifications or both.
  • Data Collection Reporting for Immigrant and LEP and Monitoring Exited English Learners

    ​This page contains information related to the Immigrant and LEP(EL) data collection, reporting and Monitoring.  Included on this page are data standards documents, training recorded sessions, PowerPoint Presentations, reporting instructions and monitoring forms.
  • Definition of English Learners and Immigrant Students

    English Learners (ELs) come with diverse histories, traditions and varied educational experiences.. The term 'limited English proficient' has been defined in Title IX of the No Child Left Behind Act under the General Provisions Part A, Section 9101.Definition
  • Kentucky Title III AMAO State and District Reports

    ​The Kentucky Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAO's) are based on the English Language Proficiency Standards for Kentucky Schools and relate to English Learners (ELs) development and attainment of English language proficiency (Title III, Section 3122).

    Title III English Language Proficiency Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAO) documentation are no longer presented individually. Title III English Language Proficiency Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAO) documentation will now be presented by State, all Consortiums, and all Districts.  

  • Title III and EL District Coordinators

    The Title III/EL District Coordinators are vital to serving the needs of English Learners (ELs) in Kentucky. This list is provided to encourage communication among districts. Efforts will be made to continually update this list.
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