Public Reporting of IDEA B Data

Published: 11/12/2014 3:14 PM


​This page provides information regarding the public reporting of 618 Data, the State Performance Plan (SPP) and information regarding Kentucky's IDEA State Application.


​The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), as amended requires states to submit a six (6) year State Performance Plan (SPP) and to annually report data on the status toward meeting the targets on each of twenty (20) indicators contained in this plan.  This report  of status is called the Annual Performance Report (APR) and is submitted on or around February 1 of each year of the six year SPP.  The first APR covering the 2005-2006 school year was submitted in early 2007.   Subsequent APRs are due on February 1 of each year.
To determine Kentucky's status toward achieving the targets of the SPP, the Division of Learning Services (DLS) collects data from local school districts, parents, and other sources.  These data are reviewed, interpreted, and assimilated into the APR and reported by indicator.  The APR contains information on how the state did for each of the indicators and explanations for meeting or not meeting targets as well as continued activities for maintaining or improving performance. 
The IDEA also requires that states publish district performance toward meeting certain indicators of the SPP.  DLS meets this requirement by posting district data for each of the required SPP indicators for a given year on the Kentucky Department of Education web site.  Below are links to district results for each year that information is available.  District performance is reported separately for each Indicator.  Please note that district performance is only reported on indicators of the SPP that address district or student performance.  In addition, some of the indicators are being phased in over time so that specific indicators may not be reported each year.
The Public Report that follows sets forth the performance of Kentucky School Districts on KDE’s SPP targets for Indicators one through fourteen.  In the Report, KDE has compared its targets for the fourteen SPP indicators with data from each Kentucky school district.  

Description of the Public Report of District Information 
The Public Report of District Performance has fourteen sections representing each of the SPP indicators that address district and or student performance.  The Public Report is a separate file for each of the indicators for which data is reported during the identified school year.
Some districts will not have district level data reported.  Privacy laws prohibit the disclosure of certain district data when a district has small groups of students whose performance is being measured.  An example of omitted district level data could be a small district’s graduation rate, since small districts will often have low numbers of students with disabilities graduating from high school.  This is intended to maintain privacy and confidentiality of the students in the district whose identity and status as a special education student could be determined from the reporting of these data.
Each year the Division of Learning Services (DLS) in the Office of Next Generation Learners is required to publicly report how local school districts performed with respect to meeting certain indicators of the State Performance Plan (SPP).

Though there are twenty (20) indicators in the SPP, not all address district or student performance and therefore are not included in the Public Report of District Performance.  The fourteen (14) SPP indicators that do measure the performance of Districts and students with disabilities within the District are below.
Click the link below to access the most recent State Performance Plan (SPP) Indicator data:
Indicator     1   –   Graduation rate
Indicator     2   –   Drop-out rate
Indicator     3   –   Participation and performance of children with IEPs on statewide assessments
Indicator     3A. Percent of the Districts with a Disability Subgroup that Meets the State’s Minimum “N” Size That Meets the State’s AYP Targets for the Disability Subgroup.
Indicator     3B. Participation Rate for Children with IEPs
Indicator     3C. Proficiency Rate for Children with IEPs Against Grade Level, Modified and Alternate Academic Achievement Standards.
Indicator     4   –   Suspension rate
Indicator     5   –   Placement in the Least Restrictive Environment(LRE) for elementary through  secondary
Indicator     6   –   Placement in the LRE for preschool
Indicator     7   –   Preschool Outcomes
Indicator     8   –   Parent Involvement
Indicator     9   –   Disproportionate representation of racial/ethnic groups in special Education
Indicator   10   –   Disproportionate representation of racial/ethnic groups in particular disability categories
Indicator   11   –   Timely initial evaluation of students for special education services
Indicator   12   –   Timely placement of students from First Steps into preschool programs  
Indicator   13   –   Compliance with secondary transition requirements
Indicator   14   –   Post-school Outcomes
Note: An asterisk* beside the indicator means that for this reporting period, there is no public report for the indicator.
IDEA State Performance Plan and Annual Performance Reports
Kentucky's Annual Performance Report (APR) as required under Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.  The APR summarizes how well the state is progressing towards meeting the targets for each of the 20 indicators contained in Kentucky's State Performance Plan (SPP).  To access Kentucky's SPP and historical changes, please click on the 'Historical Documents' link below.
If you would like to make comment about either the SPP or the APR, please contact Sammie Lambert, at the Division of Learning Services at (502) 564-4970 or emailed at
Kentucky's IDEA State Application
SY 2012-2013 Draft IDEA Application
Each year the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) is required to submit an application to the US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) to receive federal funds under Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
On this page please find a draft of Kentucky's SY 2012-2013 application for federal funds under Part B of the IDEA.  This application is marked draft pending notification of available funding.  Upon receipt of the 2012-2013 IDEA allocation the application will be finalized and a budget component posted.  For your convenience, a copy of Kentucky's IDEA budget from a previous year is provided as as an example of how these funds are typically allocated.
To comment on this application, please contact the Division of Learning Services at (502) 564-4970.  We anticipate budget information to be available and posted soon.

Kentucky's 2012-2013 DRAFT Application for Federal Funds Under Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
Note: Budget information for this application to be provided when available.
DRAFT Kentucky's IDEA Budget
Note: Upon receipt of the IDEA allocation for 2012-2013, a new draft will budget will be posted.
Kentucky's Signed 2012-2013 Application for Federal Funds Under Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Public Reporting of Section 618 Data




Section 618 of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires that each state submit data about the children they serve. This is sometimes called “child count data” or “December 1 data” and it is used in the US Department of Education Office of Special Education Program’s Annual Report to Congress.  Further information about Section 618 reporting requirements can be found here:,root,statute,I,B,618


Below you will find IDEA Section 618 Data Tables:

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