Certified Evaluation Forms

Published: 3/19/2014 10:33 AM


The forms on this page meet the requirements and regulations for the local board of education and KDE approved district certified evaluation plans through the 2013-2014 school year. All summative conferences and summative evaluations need to follow the processes and use the forms described in the district certified personnel evaluation plan.


The personnel participating in the TPGES pilot will be using the forms and processes desribed in the state Professional Growth and Effectiveness System or found in the Educator Development Suite in CIITS.
KRS. 156.557 requires all school district administrators having the responsibility of evaluating certified personnel to be trained, tested, and approved in the proper techniques for effectively evaluating certified school employees.
704 KAR 3:345, the Kentucky Board of Education regulation that establishes evaluation guidelines, requires that the training and testing be provided by the Department of Education.  
To meet this requirement in a most efficient and effective manner, the Department of Education has entered into a partnership agreement with the Kentucky Association of School Administrators (KASA), charging them with the authority to conduct this training for those in need of it. The training provided by KASA will utilize the same content and similar instructional practices as that which has been conducted by the Department of Education in the past. KASA will charge a fee to participants to cover the cost of materials, trainers, facilities, and refreshments.
To obtain a schedule of training dates and sites for certified personnel evaluation training, or to find registration information, access the KASA website at www.kasa.org or call the KASA office at 800/928-KASA.
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