Professional Learning Standards

Published: 8/5/2015 9:07 AM

Newly adopted Kentucky Professional Learning Standards (October 2013), in conjunction with the revised regulation, provide a framework for professional growth.


Definition: Professional Learning
704 KAR 3:035 (Revised) – "Professional development" means professional learning that is an individual and collective responsibility, that fosters shared accountability among the entire education workforce for student achievement, and:
  • Aligns with Kentucky’s Core Academic Standards in 704 KAR 3:303, educator effectiveness standards, individual professional growth goals, and school, school district, and state goals for student achievement;
  • Focuses on content and pedagogy, as specified in certification requirements, and other related job-specific performance standards and expectations;
  • Occurs among educators who share responsibility for student growth;
  • Is facilitated by school and district leaders, including curriculum specialists, principals, instructional coaches, competent and qualified third-party facilitators, mentors, teachers or teacher leaders;
  • Focuses on individual improvement, school improvement, and program implementation; and
  • Is on-going.
Professional Learning Standards (from

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