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Published: 7/11/2016 9:33 AM

PGES web pages have been updated and refreshed; all the resources remain.  If you're unable to find a page or resources that you're looking for, you can always search for it in the KDE search box at the top and that will guide you to the correct page. The left box is still the place to start to find information.

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PGES Latest News 


NEW! Peer Observation Training, 2nd Edition
New learning to train peer observers is now available! This training replaces Professional Learning for Peer Observers, previously available through PBS Learning Media. All educators can benefit from engaging in this training.  It is a resource that helps both teachers and observers grow professionally from the collegial peer partnership.
On-line and In-person trainings are now available!

 On-line training and Instructions
Off-line Training Package (coming soon!)
In-person training schedule

  *click on the above graphic for more information and to register


Summative evaluation guidance podcast.

The above podcast details how schools and districts can access resources for entering summative evaluation data in the EDS component of CIITS. The video version of the podcast, transcript, and accompanying PowerPoint can be accessed here.
April Next Generation Professionals (NGP) Newsletter
The PGES Newsletter has been expanded to include other areas of Next Generation Professionals including Teacher Leadership, Equity, Title II, and Professional Learning. There are 4 versions of the newsletter that will be published monthly: Teacher, Principal, Superintendent, and PGES Point of Contact. The April editions of the NGP Newsletter can be found here.
January PGES Webcast
Follow this link to view the January PGES Webcast. 
For archived PGES Newsletters, visit the KDE Newsstand located here.
For archived PGES Webcasts, visit the KDE Media Portal here.
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