Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES)

Published: 9/12/2014 3:37 PM


The vision for the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES) is to have every student taught by an effective teacher and every school led by an effective principal. The goal is to create a fair and equitable system to measure teacher and leader effectiveness and act as a catalyst for professional growth.


PGES Latest News

TPGES Guidance for Preschool now available

The preschool examples in the TPGES Guidance for Preschool document are designed to accompany the Danielson Framework for Teaching and provide preschool specific examples related to Kentucky's Early Childhood Standards, Developmentally Appropriate Practice and preschool regulation. Preschool teachers may use this during planning and conferencing with evaluators and peer observers.  This document will be permanently housed on the Preschool Pilot page under TPGES.

CIITS/EDS Evaluator Roles in PPGES
Two additional roles have been added to CIITS and Infinite Campus to support PPGES. The role of “CIITS District Leader Evaluator” enables the superintendent or his designee to view self-reflections and approve the PGPs of principals in the district; this role is being automatically assigned to all active superintendents as long as they are properly defined in Infinite Campus. The role of “CIITS School Leader Evaluator” enables principals or designees to view self-reflections and approve the PGPs of assistant principals within their school. This role is automatically assigned to all active principals as long as they are properly defined in Infinite Campus.
In the future, the “CIITS District Leader Evaluator” role will also allow users to record site visits of principals. Superintendents, and their designees who have been assigned the “CIITS District Leader Evaluator” role, will receive this ability with no action required by the district.
Both roles are available in Infinite Campus to be assigned to individuals (designees) other than the superintendent and principal that are serving as evaluators of principals and assistant principals.
Please contact Cathy White with any questions.
September PGES Newsletter now available!
Click here to access the latest PGES Newsletter.
2014 Instructional Transformation Grant RFA Posted
The KDE seeks approximately 20-30 districts to integrate critical strategies for raising student achivement, emphasizing teacher leadership capacity and assessment literacy.
An informational webcast was held on August 22 to discuss the goals of the grant, benefits to districts and the timeline for applying.  The webcast archive can be viewed live by clicking here
Contact Cindy Parker at or Carol Franks at if you have questions about the information provided in the webcast.
For more information about the grant, including to access an RFA, please click here.

Next PGES Webcast Thursday September 18 9:30 a.m. E.T.
The next PGES webcast is scheduled for Thursday September 18 at 9:30 a.m. ET. The webcast will provide the most recent information regarding PGES and also include a live question and answer session. You can watch the PGES webcast live here on pc and mac devices.
If you are unable to watch live, the webcast will be archived on the KDE Media Portal.
You can access the August PGES Webcast archive by clicking here.
Year at a Glance Calendars now available

TPGES Year at a Glance, OPGES Year at a Glance, Principal Year at a Glance, and Superintendent Year at a Glance calendars are now available. They will be permanently housed on the TPGES, OPGES and PPGES Overview pages, respectively. 

TPGES Preschool Pilot Sign Up

Here is the survey for those who will participate in the Teacher Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (TPGES) Preschool Pilot.  All districts with pre-school teachers who meet the criteria must participate. 

The survey must be completed by:

  • participating preschool teachers who meet the criteria;
  • peer observers for participating preschool teachers and
  • an administrator who will serve as the evaluator in the pilot

Remember, pilot data will not count toward a preschool teacher’s evaluation. The brief survey should be completed by August 18, 2014.  Please direct Preschool TPGES questions to Melody Cooper, or 502-564-7056, ext. 4763.

OPGES Determining Rules

Not sure if an educator falls under TPGES or OPGES?  Use the OPGES Determining Rules chart to help figure it out.

OPGES Pilot Participation Web Collector Sign Up Closes August 30, 2014
The sign up for participating in the OPGES pilot is now available. Please click here to access directions regarding who should participate in the pilot and how to sign them up, and here for a video walk through of the directions. Please contact Amy Jacobs if you have any questions.
The web collector used to register OPGES pilot participants is connected to Infinite Campus. Therefore, it is essential that all staff are identified correctly in order to be in the web collector and in order to have access to the OPGES frameworks. Staff should NOT be listed as only "Other." The TYPE tab and the ALTERNATE TYPE tab must have the same job title. Once staff information is entered into IC, the web collector will refresh on the 15th and 30th of the month. For detailed directions on how to correctly enter staff in IC, click here.
Please note: if your district does not have a pilot participant for each category, the ‘met criteria’ box will not be checked. If participants do not meet the pilot requirements, there will be some districts with no volunteer in certain categories. If there is no one to fit the requirements, this is ok. These districts do not need to have the ‘met criteria’ box checked.
Preschool is not part of the OPGES pilot, nor are preschool teachers registered in the web collector.  Preschool is part of TPGES.  To register preschool participants please contact Melody Cooper.
#PGES4Me Simulcast Archive & Powerpoint Slides

Click here to view the archive of the #PGES4Me Simulcast.  Click here to download the slides used during the presentations.

#PGES4Me Closed Caption Videos

The sessions from #PGES4Me were pre-recorded and closed captioned.  Click on the links below to access each session individually:

Self-Reflection and Professional Growth Plan


Student Growth

Peer Observation

Student Voice


#PGES4Me Handouts

Click here to download a zipped file of the handouts that will be used during the event (download will not be possible from iOS devices).  An agenda is included in the folder, and documents are numbers in the order they will be used.     

Boyle County's Experience with PGES Highlighted in Kentucky Teacher
Check out how Boyle County has come to embrace PGES and make it work for them in this Kentucky Teacher article, "Taking What's There and Making it Stronger."
Teacher Feedback Positive on New Evaluation System
The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) has received a positive response from Kentucky teachers concerning a new statewide evaluation system known as the Professional Growth and Effectivenes System (PGES). The latest feedback comes in two reports from the Hope Street Group (HSG), a national nonprofit organization known for its teacher engagement work. The reports include survey results from the Hope Street Group State Teacher Fellows and thousands of their peers, alongw ith several recommendations on the implementation of PGES.
"The Department values teacher input and so we welcome these reports," said Education Commissioner Terry Holliday. "It's important that teachers have an active voice in the development and implementation of PGES. It will only help strengthen the system," he said.
The first HSG report focuses on the use of student surveys and peer observation and the second report includes feedback on student growth goals as well as teacher opinions on education funding.
To read the full KDE News Release click here. 
Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES) featured on KET
PGES was recently featured on Education Matters, hosted by Bill Goodman. The program aired on April 28 and explored how the new statewide Professional Growth and Effectiveness System helps Kentucky teachers improve their professional practice. The program includes visits to Marshall and Boone counties to see how schools are implementing the new system, which is currently in its pilot year. An archive of the segment can be viewed on KET's website​. Education Matters is a KET production.

Board of Education approves Educator Effectiveness System
At its meeting on April 9, the Kentucky Board of Education unanimously approved a new statewide evaluation system for teachers and principals and received an update on a new evaluation system for superintendents. See news release for more information.
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