SPGES Additional Resources

Published: 9/8/2014 11:33 AM


​What is Public with Respect to SPGES?

Disclosing Documents from Superintendent Evaluation

Open Records Request Decision

PGES Resources for Superintendents

Terms and Definitions This document lists all the abbreviations and acronyms you may come across in PGES.

KLA/KDE PPGES Modules These modules can be used to train principals about PPGES. This is a zip file that contains multiple folders and may not download on i0s devices.

Superintendent Year at a Glance Calendar

PGES Overview Power Point This is the Power Point Commissioner Holliday used to present PGES to KASA.

Superintendent and Principal Crosswalk This document explains the connections between the Superintendent and Principal Standards.

TPGES Yearlong Implementation Webpages  These pages offer guidance and supporting materials for implementing the different components of TPGES over the course of the year.



 Superintendents on Establishing Student Growth Goals





 Superintendent Compensation Form


Superintendents are required to post their contract and benefits annually between July 1 and August 31.

Superintendent Contract and Compensation Request Letter to board chairs

Superintendent Compensation KDE Web location for Superintendent contracts and compensation



 District Finance Report Card

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