SPGES Additional Resources

Published: 10/28/2016 12:10 PM

​What is Public with Respect to SPGES?

Disclosing Documents from Superintendent Evaluation

Open Records Request Decision

PGES Resources for Superintendents

Terms and Definitions: common abbreviations and acronyms used by KDE 

KLA/KDE PPGES Modules training for principals in PPGES

Superintendent Year at a Glance Calendar 

Superintendent and Principal Crosswalk shows connections between the standards 

TELL Kentucky website 

PGES TELL Kentucky  


 Facilities and Support in TELL and non-TELL Years


​This short video demonstrates how to report TELL data (regarding facilities) to school boards in TELL survey years and non-TELL survey years.


 Superintendents on Establishing Student Growth Goals




 Delivery Targets and PGES


Karen Dodd, Dr. Amanda Ellis, Ginger Kinnard discuss delivery targets and how they are used. 


 Superintendent Compensation Form

Superintendents are required to post their contract and benefits annually between July 1 and August 31.
Superintendent Compensation KDE Web location for Superintendent contracts and compensation

 District Finance Report Card



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