PGES Student Growth

Published: 7/30/2015 7:58 AM


​All Kentucky educators will have a local contribution to their Overall Student Growth Rating based on their Student Growth Goal, and all 4-8 grade English and Math teachers will have an additional state contribution based on their Student Growth Percentiles.  


The links below provide a step by step guide to the Student Growth process. All job titles are combined and available in the below resources. ​​

State Growth Contribution:

Student Growth Percentiles

A student growth percentile (SGP) measures change in an individual student’s performance over time. It shows each student’s rate of change compared to other students with a similar test score history. The rate of change is expressed as a percentile. The students with whom the student is being compared is referred to as the students’ “academic peers.”
Each student’s SGP, the median SGP for each section taught by a teacher, and the median SGP for all students (taught by a teacher) in the test subject area will be used as data for the state contribution of Student Growth. For more information, please visit the Student Growth Percentile Medians page.

Assessment Literacy &

Student Growth Goal-Setting

Assessment Literacy & Student Growth Goal-Setting PowerPoint This PowerPoint describes the assessment literacy practices that are not only embedded within the goal setting for student growth process but also serves as a guide when thinking about the larger role assessments play in the teaching and learning cycle. Having a better understanding of effective assessment practices is critical in the student growth goal-setting process. Additionally, having this understanding will help you to demonstrate best assessment practices as articulated in the Framework for Teaching.


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