PGES Student Growth

Published: 8/27/2015 3:01 PM


​All Kentucky educators will have a local contribution to their Overall Student Growth Rating based on their Student Growth Goal, and all 4-8 grade English and Math teachers will have an additional state contribution based on their Student Growth Percentiles.   

The interactive graphic above provides a step by step guide to the Student Growth process. Click on the above graphic to access the resources specific to each step. All job titles are combined and available within the graphic and all step boxes are hyperlinked to resources. ​​

State Growth Contribution:

Student Growth Percentiles

A student growth percentile (SGP) measures change in an individual student’s performance over time. It shows each student’s rate of change compared to other students with a similar test score history. The rate of change is expressed as a percentile. The students with whom the student is being compared is referred to as the students’ “academic peers.”
Each student’s SGP, the median SGP for each section taught by a teacher, and the median SGP for all students (taught by a teacher) in the test subject area will be used as data for the state contribution of Student Growth. For more information, please visit the Student Growth Percentile Medians page.

Assessment Literacy &

Student Growth Goal-Setting

Assessment Literacy & Student Growth Goal-Setting PowerPoint This PowerPoint describes the assessment literacy practices that are not only embedded within the goal setting for student growth process but also serves as a guide when thinking about the larger role assessments play in the teaching and learning cycle. Having a better understanding of effective assessment practices is critical in the student growth goal-setting process. Additionally, having this understanding will help you to demonstrate best assessment practices as articulated in the Framework for Teaching.


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