Median Student Growth Percentiles (MSGP)

Published: 5/16/2016 3:14 PM

Kentucky’s Professional Growth and Effectiveness System includes student growth percentiles in order to compare the improvement of one teacher’s students to another similar group of students. The MSGP is the state contribution of student growth obtained from Student Growth Percentiles (SGP) of English/language arts and mathematics scores from the K-PREP (Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress). For teachers of grades 4-8, the median score is calculated and a rating is assigned using the state-provided cut scores below:


  • Low – below 30th percentile
  • Expected – 30th to 65th percentile 
  • High – above 65th percentile

To learn more about Student Growth Percentiles, visit the Data Release Resources webpage.

Ensuring Valid Data
To ensure teachers receive valid MSGPs, it is critical that accurate course codes are assigned when creating class schedules. Another important step for teachers is roster verification. Rosters should be frequently reviewed for accuracy throughout the school year.
Visit the Teacher Student Data Links page to learn options and strategies for assigning educators and contributing professionals to students including:
• scheduling additional teachers
• scheduling contributing professionals
• setting up contributing professionals in Infinite Campus (IC)
• scheduling in elementary school
• setting up rotating classes
• managing roster verification requests
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