Summative Evaluation Process

Published: 4/21/2016 12:20 PM
This page is to serve as a guide for districts and principals during the summative evaluation process. Please begin by watching the video by Dr. Amanda Ellis, Associate Commissioner of the Office of Next Generation Learners. The remaining resources, all QRCs and videos, can be accessed as needed. Each resource is intended to contribute to the successful completion of the 2015-16 summative process.
QRC: View step-by-step directions to access completed teacher and principal evidences submitted in EDS for current and previous years.
QRC: View step-by-step directions to enter summative ratings for teachers into EDS. 
QRC: View step-by-step directions to enter summative ratings for other professionals into EDS.
QRC: View step-by-step directions to enter summative ratings for principals into EDS.
In this video, Associate Commissioner Dr. Amanda Ellis discusses the goal of PGES, provides a reflection for the 2014-15 school year, and provides guidance for districts to enhance fidelity for the 2015-16 summative evaluations. This is a guide for districts as they prepare for the summative evaluations and is best viewed in conjunction with the other KDE provided summative resources found on this page. The PowerPoint used during the video can be accessed here.    ​​

 2015-16 Summative Guidance for Districts with Dr. Amanda Ellis

​​Principal Willoughby demonstrates how new features in CIITS save principals time when reviewing teacher evidences and entering data in EDS to complete summative evaluations for the Professional Growth & Effectiveness System.

 Entering Summative Evidence in EDS


​​​​​​​​Principal Bartley demonstrates how to enter ratings from completed summative evaluations using the Summary of Evidence Progress link in CIITS.


 Entering Completed PGES Summative Evaluation Ratings in CIITS



This video demonstrates how a principal can use the Individual Search Profile to look up a single teacher. It demonstrates how to use the Effectiveness Tab to access teachers' completed evidence from current and previous school years.


 Educator Effectiveness – Individual Profile Search

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