Summative Evaluation Process

Published: 7/27/2015 2:59 PM
Summative Evaluation Process Resources
In the video and PowerPoint linked below, Dr. Amanda Ellis provides a demonstration of how to complete the PGES summative evaluation of teachers, other professionals and principals using the summary of evidence tool now available in CIITS.
The first page of this pdf includes a checklist of everything a principal will need to gather before starting the Summative Evaluation Process. The next four pages provide several of the necessary documents from the checklist for your convenience:
  • Sources of Evidence/Framework for Teaching Alignment
  • State Decision Rules for Determining an Educator's Professional Practice Rating
  • State Overall Decision Rules for Determining an Educator's Overall Performance Category
  • Rules for Determining an Educator's Summative Growth Cycle
This easy to use document gives a picture tutorial of how to utilize the Summative Evaluation Tool in EDS.
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