PGES Background

Published: 8/15/2014 12:59 PM
​From Senate Bill 1 to Now


In 2009, with the passage of Senate Bill 1, Kentucky embarked on a comprehensive system of education reform, known as Unbridled Learning, that called for new, more rigorous standards, a new assessment and accountability system, and a focus on student readiness.  Kentucky's ultimate goal is college/career readiness for all students by the time they graduate high school.

Recognizing how important effective teachers and principals are to student success, one of the pillars of Unbridled Learning is Next-Generation Professionals-an initiative to develop highly-effective teaching and leadership among all Kentucky educators.  The vision is that every student is taught by an effective teacher and every school is led by an effective principal.

In 2013, with the passage of House Bill 180, Kentucky cleared the way for a new statewide evaluation system to be used for all certified personnel.  The Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES) is designed to promote the vision of continuous professional growth and development of skills needed to be a highly effective teacher or administrator.  The legislation calls for mulitple sources of evidence including student growth data and meets one of the main requirements for Kentucky's Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) waiver.

PGES has been developed to create and implement a fair and equitable statewide system to provide teachers and principals with a clear understanding of how they can be most effective, regular feedback about how their practices align with the Kentucky Framework for Teaching, and the tools, resources and support they need to develop and perfect their craft in order to promote student growth, achievement, and readiness.

PGES Implementation


Phase 1: 2010-11- 25 districts participated in a Field Test of PGES. 

Phase 2: 2012-1348 districts participated in a Field Test of PGES. 

Phase 3: 2013-14- All districts participated in a Pilot of PGES.

Phase 4: 2014-15- Statewide implementation of PGES.  Districts choose whether or not to use PGES for personnel decisions, but are not required to by the State.

Phase 5: 2015-beyond- Statewide implementation of PGES for personnel decisions.

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