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Published: 4/1/2015 12:06 PM



The TELL Kentucky Survey will be extended through midnight, Monday, April 6th.

Due to the bad weather experienced during the first week of the survey and the numerous school closures that resulted, the decision has been made to extend the TELL Kentucky Survey. This decision was made to ensure that every educator has the opportunity to take part in the survey and to have his or her voice heard. For those of you who have already taken the 2015 TELL Kentucky Survey, thank you!


The Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning Survey, known as TELL Kentucky, captures the perceptions of all school-based educators about teaching, learning and working conditions through an anonymous process.

By documenting and analyzing how educators view critical teaching and learning conditions, this initiative focuses on providing each Kentucky school and district with its own data that can become a part of the ongoing improvement planning processes in our buildings, in our school districts and at the state level.
More than 43,000 educators (87%) across the state completed the TELL Survey in March of 2013. Ten (10) schools were recognized for having outstanding teaching and learning conditions in September 2013 and received the TELL Kentucky Winners’ Circle awards.
A video highlighting the TELL Kentucky survey and Winners’ Circle recipients as well as research around the TELL survey data, results from the 2011 and 2013 surveys, data use guides and other resources are available at the TELL Kentucky website:
TELL Kentucky Survey is now open! Survey runs March 2 -31, 2015. Look for more information at

Every school that reaches a 50 percent response rate is entered into a drawing for a $1,000 cash award for the school’s use. Schools that reach a 100 percent response rate are entered into a drawing for a $1,000 cash award to go to an individual educator at the school, who many use the prize how he or she wishes. No public monies are used for prize drawings.
The second week’s winners are:
Week 2 School: Taylor Elementary (Bracken County Schools)
Week 2 Educator: An educator at Pembroke Elementary in Christian County
School and district completion rates are posted on the TELL Kentucky website at
The graphic below depicts the percentage of educators participating in the spring TELL Kentucky Survey as of 3/20/2015. Click on the photo for a larger view of the graphic.
TELL 3.29.2015 Response Rate.png

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