Before the First Day of School

Published: 7/31/2014 4:46 PM
​The following resources will help districts plan for professional learning around PGES Overview, the Kentucky Framework for Teaching, Introducing Student Growth, and Enduring Skills. 
​Source of Evidence ​Important Items to Support Implementation ​Research ​Training Materials ​Professional Learning via PD 360 and the Teaching Channel CIITS/EDS Support​

​PGES Overview

  • ​Professional learning for all teachers
  • Professional learning on how to use EDS
Feedback for Better Teaching MET Study: Foundations of PGES
PGES Research  Multiple research articles

TPGES Overview Module From the KLA/KDE Module series.  This is a zip folder.

TPGES Summative Overview Prezi gives a good overview of how the different pieces of TPGES work together

PGES Website Map/Quick Links Handout This half page handout is a great resource to provide teachers at the beginning of the year.  It will provide them a way to access information about all components of PGES whenever they have questions.

Proving Teacher Performance Video from The Teaching Channel

Different Measures of Teacher Effectiveness Video from The Teaching Channel

CIITS Resources

Manage Caseloads

The Kentucky Framework for Teaching

  • ​Professional learning for all teachers

Danielson Framework for Teaching Research

Principals and Teachers Talk About Instruction This eight page chapter from Rethinking Teacher Evaluation discusses the use of shared language through the Danielson Framework for Teaching in conversations about instruction.

​​TPGES Framework for Teaching Module From the KLA/KDE Module series. Provides an overview of the FfT. This is a zip folder.

Framework for Teaching Workbook A formal introduction to explore the Kentucky Framework for Teaching.

Digging Deeper into the Framework
This powerpoint takes participants into an analysis of component 3b, Questioning and Discussion Techniques.
Component 3B Accompanying handout to go with the Digging Deeper powerpoint above.
Identify the Level of Performance A two page follow-up vignette activity for identifying the correct level of performance.

Student Growth-Intro

  • ​Professional learning for all teachers regarding student growth and assessment literacy
Measuring Teachers' Contributions to Student Learning Growth for Nontested Grades and Subjects

Why Student Growth? Module From the KLA/KDE Modules series.  This is a zip folder

Student Growth Goals Introduction Module From the KLA/KDE Modules series.  This is a zip folder.

Goal Setting for Student Growth Process 1 Pager Gives a visual overview of the process.

Student Growth Overview Powerpoint Explains why Student Growth is included in PGES and gives an overview of the Student Growth Goal Setting process.

Student Growth Goal Setting Process

​Enduring Skills

  • ​Use PLCs to align assessments and enduring skills
Identifying Enduring Skills Module From the KLA/KDE Module series.  This is a zip folder.
Enduring Skills PowerPoint Comes with extensive, detailed notes. Using those notes and the guide together, a facilitator can successfully lead teachers through this process.
Facilitator’s Guide A facilitation guide describing how to facilitate a session using the ‘Process for Identifying the Enduring Skills for your Content Area’ PowerPoint.
Enduring Skills sample lists can be found on the TPGES Student Growth page.
Determining Proficiency Sources of Evidence Module From the KLA/KDE Module series.  This is a zip folder.
Assessing Enduring Skills Powerpoint Guides teachers to articulate what proficiency in an enduring skill looks like at a given grade level and helps teachers Identify appropriate assessments available or that need to be developed.
Determining Student Needs Creating a Baseline Module From the KLA/KDE Module series.  This is a zip folder.
Establishing a Baseline Powerpoint Supports teachers in determining how multiple sources of evidence can contribute to a baseline score for goal-setting for student growth.
Establishing a Baseline Handouts To accompany the above powerpoint.
​Professional Learning Communities (Segment 2 of 9 of this program) Student Growth Goal Setting Process
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