Published: 7/30/2014 2:28 PM

The following resources will help districts plan for professional learning around Peer Observation.

​Source of Evidence ​Important Items to Suport Implementation ​Research ​Training Materials ​Professional Learning via PD 360 and The Teaching Channel ​CIITS/EDS Support
Peer Observation
  • ​Ensure that all peer observers have completed required training
The Reliability of Classroom Obervations by School Personnel Considering Bias and Personal Preference Handout to be used with slide 8 of the Observation powerpoint.
Evidence or Opinion? Handout to be used with slide 15 of the Observation powerpoint.
Effective Feedback Activity To be used with slide 12 of the Best Practices in Effective Feedback powerpint. Includes activity cards, chart, and answer key.
What Good Coaches Do Two page Educational Leadership article that offers seven partnership principles for effective coaching.
It's About the Questions Five page Educational Leadership article argues that effective coaching thrives not on quick fixes and ready answers, but on questioning and listening.

​Activity: Professional Learning for Peer Observers (PBS Learning Media)


Developed in partnership with Kentucky Educational Televison (KET) this self-paced module prepares teachers to become effective PGES peer observers. Users may register for this module in CIITS using this instruction sheet to guide oneself through the process.


Innovative Coaching Models Teaching Channel Video

Conducting a Peer Observation in CIITS
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