Published: 6/2/2014 3:15 PM
The following resources will help districts plan for professional learning around Student Growth Goals and Observation.
​Source of Evidence ​Important Items to Support Implementation ​Research ​Training Materials ​Professional Learning via PD 360 and The Teaching Channel ​CIITS/EDS Support
Student Growth -The Goal
  • ​Develop Student Growth Goal and strategies/action plan (documented goal in CIITS/EDS
Learning by Doing: A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work (2006) Step 1-Determining Needs Powerpoint Dives deeply into the first step in the Student Growth Goal Setting Process.
Step 2-Creating Goals Using the SMART Process Powerpoint Dives deeply into the second step in the Student Growth Goal Setting Process.
Think and Plan Tool Planning tool mentioned in the above powerpoint that guides teachers through the Student Growth Goal Setting Process and prepares them to enter their goals in EDS.
Think and Plan Tool Guidance Video In this short video, Kevin Stull explains how to use the Think and Plan Tool in detaiil.
Think and Plan Tool Example A sample document that illustrates what a completed Think and Plan Tool will look like
Sample Student Growth Goals Document containing sample goals from different content areas and grade levels.
Steps 3, 4, and 5- Strategies, Monitoring and Goal Attainment Powerpoint Dives deeply into ensuring strategies for ensuring Student Growth Goals are met.
Student Growth Scenarios Collection Provides several scenarios that will encourage conversation around the Student Growth process.
​Activity: Archived Lync: Developing Quality Student Growth Goals 2 in the Professional Growth & Effectiveness System (TPGES)
Student Growth Goal Setting Process Video
  • ​Document observation evidence in CIITS/EDS and collect evidence for Domain 1, FfT
​Gathering Feedback for Teaching MET Study

Observation Powerpoint

PGES eGuide Chapter 5: Observation

​Activity: Archived Lync: Observation in the Teacher Professional Growth & Effectiveness System (TPGES)


Monitoring District Observation Progress

Viewing Observation Results (teacher view)

Principal Observations in CIITS Video

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