OPGES Student Growth

Published: 9/5/2014 3:48 PM

All Other Professionals will develop Student Growth Goals based on their individual caseloads.  Student Growth along with an educator's Overall Professional Practice Rating determine's an educator's Overall Performance Rating.


There are three steps in the Student Growth process:

      Step 1: Identifying Eduring Skills

      Step 2: Assessing Enduring Skills and Establishing a Baseline

      Step 3: The Student Growth Goal Process

For more information about each student, student growth research, and videos to support the use of student growth goals please visit the TPGES Student Growth page.  As more materials are created specifically for Other Professionals during the course of the pilot year they will be added to this page. 

OPGES Student Growth Decision Rules This chart will help determine what standards or related goals Other Professionals should use to determine their Student Growth Goals.

The EDS Professional Learning Resources page has videos and QRCs to help Other Professionals enter their Student Growth Goals in CIITS/EDS.
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