Other Professionals Professional Growth and Effectiveness System

Published: 6/24/2015 2:56 PM


PGES Categories and Decision Factors Graphic 

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The vision for the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES) is to have every student taught by an effective teacher and every school led by an effective principal. The goal is to create a fair and equitable system to measure teacher and leader effectiveness and act as a catalyst for professional growth. OPGES is a portion of the PGES system designed for Other Professionals who have a nontraditional educational setting. Other Professionals will use the Kentucky Framework for Teaching-Specialist Frameworks, which includes five unique frameworks designed specifically for the Other Professional job responsibilities. Other Professionals will use these specialist frameworks during the summative evaluation process, just like classroom teachers will use the Kentucky Framework for Teaching.

Other Professional Categories
  • School counselors
  • School level library/media specialists
  • School instructional specialist/curriculum coaches
  • School speech therapists
  • Psychologists serving whole districts will be part of the District Certified Evaluation System
OPGES implementation year 2015-16: All Other Professionals in ALL districts will participate in the OPGES implementation year during 2015-16. All Other Professionals will complete each of the 5 evidences: Workplace visit/Observation (supervisor and peer), Self-Reflection, Professional Growth Goals, Student Growth Goals, and Student Voice.  These evidences will use the Specialist frameworks and content specific standards and skills.  For more information about each evidence, please visit the pages in the left hand navigation bar.
While all 5 evidence must be completed, districts have the option to implement OPGES using a dual, hybrid, or full adoption system.
Evaluator Training
Principals who complete Teachscape training are certified to observe Other Professionals during the OPGES pilot. After completing Teachscape and Initial Evaluator Training, the OPGES Guidance Document for Observers should be reviewed as well.
Participant Training
OPGES Pilot participants should attend any PGES trainings offered in their school and/or district. 

 OPGES Pilot Overview

Advice from the Field
Matt Thompson, Assistant Superintendent, discusses Scott County's work conducting the 2014-15 OPGES Pilot. Building upon successes and lessons learned from last year's PGES Pilot, others can use Matt's insights as examples to adapt to their district's needs.  

 OPGES Pilot Implementation: Interview with Scott County




OPGES Overview Powerpoint Everything you need to know about OPGES Implementation can be found here.

Schedule of OPGES LYNC trainings-Join KDE consultants and other districts in an interactive LYNC webinar discussion and training on OPGES sources of evidence. Timely trainings on each evidence will occur 6-8 weeks prior to district due dates for each source of evidence.  

PGES Tool Kit-developed by KASC and funded by the KDE Instructional Transformation Grant

OPGES Pilot Participant Manual



Guide to OPGES Professional Learning Targets

OPGES Year at a Glance Calendar


For EDS resources for OPGES, including Pilot Participant set-up in Infinite Campus, please visit the EDS Professional Learning Resources page.

OPGES Pilot Forms  Paper version of all EDS forms. These forms may be used as practice forms, or as back up forms in case an Other Professional is experiencing difficulty being connected to the correct framework in CIITS/EDS.  If an Other Professional is correctly connected to their framework in CIITS/EDS, please use EDS to record all sources of evidence.

This is a zip file and may not open on iOs devices. This folder contains Self-Reflection, Professional Growth Plan and Student Growth Goal forms for each category of Other Professionals; Observation forms for observers and peer observers; and an Overall Other Professional Performance Category form.

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