Other Professionals Professional Growth and Effectiveness System

Published: 7/2/2014 3:48 PM

The vision for the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES) is to have every student taught by an effective teacher and every school led by an effective principal.  The goal is to create a fair and equitable system to measure teacher and leader effectiveness and act as a catalyst for professional growth.  OPGES is a portion of the PGES system designed for Other Professionals who have a nontraditional educational setting.  Other Professionals will use the Kentucky Framework for Teaching-Specialist Frameworks, which includes five unique frameworks designed specifically for the Other Professional job responsibilities.  Other Professionals will use these specialist frameworks during the summative evaluation process, just like classroom teachers will use the Kentucky Framework for Teaching.

Other Professional Categories
  • School counselors – may be in summative year
  • School level library/media specialists
  • School psychologists
  • School instructional specialist/curriculum coaches
  • School speech therapists
Participant Requirements
  • Must be certified through EPSB
  • Must be tenured
  • Must not be in a summative year unless the district is running a dual system during the 2014-15 year (check District Certified Evaluation Plan (CEP) for clarification on dual system).
Other Professionals Not Participating in the Pilot
Other Professionals who choose not to participate in the OPGES pilot or who do not qualify to participate, (tenured, EPSB certified, etc…) will be evaluated using the districts previous evaluation system that was in place prior to the PGES implementation. Each district is to give clarification on their district’s evaluation system in their Certified Evaluation Plan, CEP.
2014-2015 Pilot Requirements
Districts- All districts are required to participate in the OPGES pilot and should identify at least one person from each of the above categories who meet the requirements.  Districts may select more than one participant per category if they so choose.
School- Schools that have participants participating in the OPGES pilot will also have principals/assistant principals participating as primary evaluators
Evaluator Training
Principals who complete Teachscape training are certified to observe Other Professionals during the OPGES pilot.
Summer Training
Other Professionals and administration are encouraged to attend summer training conferences available at regional co-ops or at their local school districts. Other Professionals are part of PGES and should attend all professional learning pertinent to learning the system.  Guidance documents on how to adjust evidence areas to fit the Other Professional's needs will be available for pilot participants throughout the pilot year.


OPGES Overview Powerpoint Everything you need to know about the OPGES Pilot can be found here. 

OPGES Pilot Participation Web Collector Sign Up
The sign up for participating in the OPGES pilot is now available. Please click here to access directions regarding who should participate in the pilot and how to sign them up, and here for a video walk through of the directions. All participants should be entered by September 15. Please contact Amy Jacobs if you have any questions.
Please note: if your district does not have a pilot participant for each category, the ‘met criteria’ box will not be checked. If participants do not meet the pilot requirements, there will be some districts with no volunteer in certain categories. If there is no one to fit the requirements, this is ok. These districts do not need to have the ‘met criteria’ box checked.

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