Published: 7/23/2018 9:40 AM

​Kentucky’s accountability system uses multiple academic and school quality measures to determine an overall school rating. Growth is one of seven indicators used in the new system. Growth measures an elementary or middle school student’s continuous improvement toward the goal of proficiency and beyond.

The growth measure is based on the trend in student’s performance over their time in Kentucky public schools. The student’s performance trend is projected forward two years. Students will be reported in relation to proficiency: "less than catch up" (not on track to make it to proficiency), "catch up" (on track to make it to proficiency), "keep up" (maintaining proficient or distinguished levels) or "move up" (moving to distinguished).  

The focus of the growth indicator is the progress (or lack thereof) the student has made to the current year and the projection of that path towards proficiency. The trend may indicate the student’s performance is going up, moving down or staying the same.  

Growth is a projection based on the student’s current and past performance in Reading and Mathematics with points awarded based on the Growth Value Table. The Language Proficiency assessment growth results for English Learners (EL) are included in the Reading calculation. There is a separate growth value table for the WIDA ACCESS 2.0 results used for EL students.

In 2017-18 reporting, Growth will be one component for determining the Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) and the Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) school identifications. 

For a better understanding of the Growth Indicator, please view the Growth Video and PowerPoint. There is also a document explaining the Growth Indicator available.  The Kentucky Accountability at a Glance document will give a better understanding of the overall system.

Growth in 2017-18 Accountability 
Elementary/Middle School (only)
  • CSI/TSI/Other Identification
  • Reading and Mathematics are measured at grades 3-8 through the K-PREP summative assessment.

Additional information and indicators will be reported to provide a more complete picture of education in Kentucky. Results will be reported in online School Report Cards including disaggregation of individual student group data and the reported-only measures. Individual student reports will be issued to parents/guardians. 

Beginning in 2018-19, an overall 5-star rating will be determined by setting standards for low to high performance on six indicators.

  • Proficiency
  • Separate Academic Indicator
  • Growth
  • Graduation Rate
  • Transition Readiness
  • Achievement Gap Closure
  • Opportunity and Access (anticipated 2019-20)

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Training Materials

Additional parts of Kentucky's Accountability System will be available by the fall of 2018.


Separate Academic Indicator

Graduation Rate

Transition Readiness

Achievement Gap Closure

Opportunity and Access

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