Published: 6/12/2018 2:26 PM

End-of-Course Field Tests

Kentucky educators embraced the opportunity to design and develop new end-of-course (EOC) assessments for Algebra II, Biology and English II. In the future, U.S. History end-of-course exams will be created following the adoption of social studies standards.

As directed by KRS 158.6453, the new assessments created by Kentucky teachers were designed to assess Kentucky Academic Standards and “to measure grade appropriate core academic content, basic skills, and higher-order thinking skills and their application.” The assessments require all students to demonstrate a range of higher-order, analytical thinking skills based on the depth and complexity of the Kentucky Academic Standards, allowing robust information to be gathered for students with varied levels of achievement.

The new end-of-course assessments will be field-tested during the spring of 2018. Middle and high school students enrolled in Algebra II, Biology or English II will participate in EOC field tests, excluding students who participate in Alternate Assessments.

Innovative Test Design

The Kentucky-developed EOC exams are comprised of a variety of multiple choice, multiple select, short answer, extended response and essay items.

However, rather than being a collection of individual and unrelated items, questions are grouped in clusters (English II and Biology) or question sets (Algebra II), in which every question will be related to the others. The assessment clusters use narrative text to lead students through the progression of questions. This text is used to set up the context of the cluster or question set and to link the items together in a way that makes sense to the student.

Test Accommodations

Limited accommodations are available for the field tests. Per students’ IEP, 504 Plan or PSP, accommodations options include reader, scribe, manipulatives and extended time.

Test Results

The EOC field tests will not produce student scores or performance levels; therefore, test results will not be included in public reporting for Fall 2018.

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2018 Field Tests

April 16 - 27, 2018
Online Testing Only
  • All students enrolled in an EOC Course at that time will test. 
  • Limited accommodations


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