Alternate K-PREP Program

Alternate K-PREP Aligned to KAS Standards

Published: 6/8/2018 10:29 AM

(Aligned to KAS)​

With the 2009 implementation of Senate Bill 1 (SB1) requiring new assessment standards for English/Language Arts and Mathematics for the general assessment, new statements aligned to the standards were also required for the Alternate Assessment. 

Low Incidence Consultants and KDE Content Experts narrowed the Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS) to 10 standards to release into the field for teachers and administrators to select the top 6. KDE in conjunction with the Low Incidence Consultants worked to modify the language of the six standards selected to create less depth and breath.

​Reading, mathematics, writing and science are based upon the Kentucky Academic Standards, while social studies is based upon Core Content 4.1.

DescriptionDownloadPublication Date
Mathematics Grade 10 High SchoolGrade 10 Mathematics.pdf8/10/2016
Reading Grade 10 High SchoolGrade 10 Reading.pdf8/30/2019
Alt K-PREP Grade 11 HS Science StandardsGrade 11 Science.pdf8/10/2016
Writing Grade 11Grade 11 Writing.pdf8/26/2014
Mathematics Grade 3Grade 3 Mathematics.pdf8/26/2014
Reading Grade 3Grade 3 Reading.pdf8/26/2014
Mathematics Grade 4Grade 4 Mathematics.pdf8/26/2014
Reading Grade 4Grade 4 Reading.pdf8/26/2014
Science Standards Grade 4Grade 4 Science.pdf8/10/2016
Mathematics Grade 5Grade 5 Mathematics.pdf8/26/2014
Reading Grade 5Grade 5 Reading.pdf8/26/2014
Social Studies Grade 5 Core Content 4.1Grade 5 Social Studies Core Content 4.1.pdf8/26/2014
Writing Grade 5Grade 5 Writing.pdf8/26/2014
Mathematics Grade 6Grade 6 Mathematics.pdf8/26/2014
Reading Grade 6 - Typo correctedGrade 6 Reading.pdf9/1/2015
Mathematics Grade 7Grade 7 Mathematics.pdf8/26/2014
Reading Grade 7Grade 7 Reading.pdf8/26/2014
Science Standards Grade 7Grade 7 Science.pdf9/22/2016
Mathematics Grade 8Grade 8 Mathematics.pdf8/26/2014
Reading Grade 8Grade 8 Reading.pdf8/26/2014
Social Studies Grade 8 Core Content 4.1Grade 8 Social Studies Core Content 4.1.pdf8/26/2014
Writing Grade 8Grade 8 Writing.pdf8/26/2014

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