Published: 9/22/2012 7:06 PM

  • Alternate K-PREP AAAF

    ​The Alternate Assessment and Accountability Folder, also referred to as the AAAF, has been a requirement of the Alternate Assessment Program for several years. With the implementation of the Alternate K-PREP, a new assessment design will hold more responsibilities for the AAAF.
  • Alternate K-PREP Aligned to KAS Standards

    (Aligned to KAS)​

    With the 2009 implementation of Senate Bill 1 (SB1) requiring new assessment standards for English/Language Arts and Mathematics for the general assessment, new statements aligned to the standards were also required for the Alternate Assessment. 

  • Alternate K-PREP Communications

    ​Communications between KDE and districts/schools occur on a regular basis with staff who have elected to be a part of the Alternate Assessment E-mails.


  • Alternate K-PREP Forms

    The forms specific to the Alternate K-PREP include the Alternate Assessment Code of Ethics.


  • Alternate K-PREP Resources

    ​The Alternate K-PREP is the assessment provided to Kentucky students with the most severe cognitive disabilities. The resources below provide assistance to students participating in the Alternate assessment.

  • Alternate K-PREP Trainings

    These training videos and materials are designed to help teachers and administrators with the implementation of the Alternate K-PREP program.