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Damage Analysis

Published: 3/1/2018 10:27 AM
​​This page contains a series of lesson plans that can be used for the listed subjects.
​​Each is listed by area and then alphabetically by description. Click on the title to download an editable copy.
Damage AnalysisAcknowledge and or greet customer client. Listen to customer client
Damage AnalysisApply appropriate estimating and parts nomenclature (terminology). De
Damage AnalysisApply estimating guide footnotes and headnotes as needed. Estimate la
Damage AnalysisApply negotiation skills to obtain a mutual agreement. Interpret and
Damage AnalysisDamage Analysis Template
Damage AnalysisDetermine additional material and charges. Determine refinishing mate
Damage AnalysisDetermine and record customer vehicle owner information. Identify and
Damage AnalysisDetermine price and source of necessary sublet operations. Determine
Damage AnalysisDetermine the cost effectiveness of the repair and determine the appr
Damage AnalysisDetermine the direction, point(s) of impact, and extent of direct, in
Damage AnalysisGather details of the incident accident necessary to determine the fu
Damage AnalysisIdentify aluminum magnesium components; determine repairability. Iden
Damage AnalysisIdentify and record vehicle options, including trim level, paint code
Damage AnalysisIdentify customer client preferred communication method; follow up to
Damage AnalysisIdentify impact energy absorbing components. Identify steel types; de
Damage AnalysisIdentify interior component damage. Identify damage to add-on accesso
Damage AnalysisIdentify procedures to restore corrosion protection; establish labor
Damage AnalysisIdentify suspension, electrical and mechanical component physical dam
Damage AnalysisIdentify type and condition of finish; determine if refinishing is re
Damage AnalysisIdentify type of vehicle construction. Recognize the different damage
Damage AnalysisIdentify vehicle glass components and repair replacement procedures
Damage AnalysisIdentify yourself to customer client; offer assistance. Deal with ang
Damage AnalysisInterpret computer-assisted and manually written estimates; verify th
Damage AnalysisPerform visual inspection of non-structural components and members. D
Damage AnalysisPerform visual inspection of structural components and members. Ident
Damage AnalysisPosition the vehicle for inspection, Prepare vehicle for inspection b
Damage AnalysisProvide and review technical and consumer protection information. Est
Damage AnalysisRecognize and apply overlap deductions, included operations, and addi
Damage AnalysisRecognize basic claims handling procedures; explain to customer clien
Damage AnalysisSelect and price alternative optional OEM parts; verify availability
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