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Diesel Electrical

Published: 3/1/2018 10:27 AM
​This page contains a series of lesson plans that can be used for the listed subjects.
​​Each is listed by area and then alphabetically by description. Click on the title to download an editable copy.
Diesel ElectricalCharge battery using appropriate method for battery type
Diesel ElectricalCheck applied voltages, circuit voltages, and voltage drops in electrical
Diesel ElectricalCheck continuity and resistance in circuits
Diesel ElectricalCheck current flow in electrical electronic circuits and components using
Diesel ElectricalCheck frequency and pulse width signal in electrical electronic circuits u
Diesel ElectricalCheck operation of keyless and remote lock unlock devices; determine neede
Diesel ElectricalDetermine battery state of charge using an open circuit voltage test
Diesel ElectricalIdentify battery type
Diesel ElectricalIdentify causes of a no charge, low charge, or overcharge problems; determ
Diesel ElectricalIdentify causes of brighter than normal, intermittent, dim, or no headligh
Diesel ElectricalIdentify causes of constant, intermittent, or no horn operation; determine
Diesel ElectricalIdentify causes of constant, intermittent, or no wiper oper., determine ne
Diesel ElectricalIdentify causes of constant, intermittent, or no wiper oper.; Inspect wipe
Diesel ElectricalIdentify causes of data-link communication problems; determine needed acti
Diesel ElectricalIdentify causes of data-link gauge malfunctions; determine needed
Diesel ElectricalIdentify causes of intermittent, high, low, or no gauge readings; determin
Diesel ElectricalIdentify causes of slow, intermittent, or no power window operation; deter
Diesel ElectricalIdentify parasitic (key-off) battery drain problems; perform tests; determ
Diesel ElectricalInspect and replace alternator drive belts, pulleys, fans, tensioners, and
Diesel ElectricalInspect and test auxiliary power outlet, integral fuse, connectors, termin
Diesel ElectricalInspect and test block heaters; determine needed repairs
Diesel ElectricalInspect and test components (key switch, push button and or magnetic switc
Diesel ElectricalInspect and test cruise control electrical components; repair or replace a
Diesel ElectricalInspect and test engine cooling fan electrical control components modules
Diesel ElectricalInspect and test fusible links, circuit breakers, relays, solenoids, and f
Diesel ElectricalInspect and test gauge circuit sensor sending units, gauges, connectors, t
Diesel ElectricalInspect and test heater and AC electrical components including AC clutches
Diesel ElectricalInspect and test instrument panel light circuit switches, relays, bulbs LE
Diesel ElectricalInspect and test interior cab light circuit switches and stoplight circuit
Diesel ElectricalInspect and test motors, switches, relays, connectors, terminals, wires, a
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